Top 10 Brands Using Shopify Plus in Vietnam

#Ecommerce May 01, 2023
Top 10 Brands Using Shopify Plus in Vietnam Top 10 Brands Using Shopify Plus in Vietnam

As an enterprise-focused eCommerce platform, it's no surprise that Shopify Plus is gaining popularity among major brands in Vietnam. 

Here's a roundup of the top 10 brands utilizing Shopify Plus for their e-commerce platforms in the Vietnamese market.

1. Supersports

Part of the Central Retail Group from Thailand, Supersports entered the Vietnamese market through stores in BigC and GO! supermarkets. Supersports invested in an online system with Shopify Plus in 2020, significantly contributing to Supersports' overall revenue.


A longstanding name in the global electronics industry, SONY established the Sony online store on Shopify Plus, seamlessly connecting with the business's internal data systems and payment platforms in Vietnam.

3. Triumph International

The Swiss global lingerie brand embarked on its Shopify Plus journey in 2022. Triumph previously synchronized Shopify Plus for websites across various markets, including Australia and the UK.

4. Sulwhasoo

A premium skincare brand under the AmorePacific group from South Korea, Sulwhasoo adopted Shopify Plus in Vietnam in 2021. After two years of implementation, AmorePacific decided to use Plus for the entire Sulwhasoo brand website globally.

5. Crocs


In Vietnam, Crocs, distributed by GTF under the Central Retail Group from Thailand, has been using Shopify Plus since 2021.


6. Havaianas

The globally renowned flip-flop brand, Havaianas, distributed in Vietnam by Maison Online, embraced Shopify Plus in 2022.

7. Swee Lee

Swee Lee
Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Singapore, Swee Lee is a leading retailer and distributor of multi-brand musical instruments in Asia. Swee Lee utilizes Shopify Plus for its entire network of e-commerce websites in Asia and globally.

8. Slimcase

A well-known global phone case brand under LVAG, Slimcase entered the Vietnamese market early on, but its real surge came when it upgraded to Shopify Plus in April 2023.

9. CabinZero

Founded by Neil from the UK with a passion for travel, CabinZero produces travel backpacks that can be checked in with the carry-on luggage compartment of commercial airplanes. All products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam. 

10. Famvibe

A Print On Demand (POD) platform specializing in custom gifts like T-shirts, hats, and mugs for special occasions. With significant traffic and orders during special events, Famvibe utilizes Shopify Plus for efficient order processing and rapid growth.
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