VIECheckout - Elevate Your Shopify Plus Experience with Vietnamese Address Customization

#Ecommerce December 15, 2023
VIECheckout - Giải pháp thanh toán với địa chỉ Việt Nam trên Shopify Plus VIECheckout - Giải pháp thanh toán với địa chỉ Việt Nam trên Shopify Plus

In the eCommerce dynamic landscape, VIECheckout (A product of MeowApps) is proud to be the first leading company to introduce the “Customize Vietnamese Address Format” solution that caters to Shopify Plus users. This solution addresses the limitations in customizations for Vietnamese format at Checkout, providing a seamless experience for the customer journey. To use VIECheckout, make sure your store has been upgraded to Shopify's new Checkout Extensibility.

Comparing Shopify's Checkout Liquid and Checkout Extensibility:

Checkout Liquid

  • Customization Scope: Limited to the layout and static elements of the checkout pages. It primarily allows for basic customizations like modifying colors, fonts, and some layout aspects.
  • Technical Complexity: More accessible for users with basic technical skills, as it involves straightforward template editing.
  • Flexibility: Lower flexibility compared to Extensibility, as it's constrained by the predefined structure of Shopify's checkout process.
  • Security and Stability: While secure, its customization potential is limited, reducing the risk of inadvertently compromising security or performance.

Checkout Extensibility

  • Customization Scope: Offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing developers to create more dynamic and complex features on the checkout page, including custom shipping methods, payment options, and more.
  • Technical Complexity: Requires more advanced technical knowledge, including familiarity with JavaScript and React for frontend development.
  • Flexibility: Highly flexible, enabling a more tailored and unique checkout experience that can better meet specific business needs or customer expectations.
  • Security and Stability: Provides a secure and stable environment for customization but requires a deeper understanding of development to ensure that additions don’t negatively impact performance or security.

In summary, Checkout Liquid is optimal for fundamental customization with minimal technical prerequisites, rendering it well-suited for straightforward and undemanding scenarios. Conversely, Checkout Extensibility provides significantly enhanced flexibility and customization potential, albeit demanding a higher level of technical proficiency for its full utilization. As a result, it stands as the preferred option for enterprises seeking highly specialized and tailored checkout experiences.

The Migration Process:

Upgrading to Checkout Extensibility is straightforward! Connect with Shopify to express your need for the upgrade and then unlock the features with just a few clicks.

Installing VIECheckout & Critical Considerations:

To integrate VIECheckout seamlessly, ensure your store meets the prerequisites:

  • Having Shopify Plus is a given
  • Must have upgraded to Checkout Extensibility
  • Must offer shipping to Vietnam

Visit Meowcart Checkout Local to install VIECheckout. Enjoy a 14-day trial, and reach out for special pricing if you utilize Meowcart or Meowship services.

VIECheckout - Vietnamese Address Customization

Configuring Your Store for VIECheckout: 

  • Disable Address Line 2 in Shopify Admin  to prevent customers from entering information in this section
  • In Checkout Profiles, add Meowcart Checkout Validation and Vietnamese Address for comprehensive functionality.

Adding validation will help check the Vietnamese address at all stages to ensure that the address is in the correct Vietnamese format.

Vietnamese Address consists of fields from the Vietnamese Address Format.

Note that VIECheckout exclusively functions for Vietnam-bound transactions. Optimize your Shopify Plus experience and cater to Vietnamese preferences seamlessly. Upgrade now for a Checkout aligned with your audience's expectations! 

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