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Beyond Borders: Hoang Hai Mobile's Success in Japan's Market Through Digital Innovation


Hoang Hai Mobile, the prominent Vietnamese mobile, laptop, and watch chain store in Japan, renowned for its compassionate business culture and unwavering commitment to after-sales satisfaction, embarked on a digital journey with Meowcart. Without an official website, Hoang Hai sought a user-friendly, feature-rich, and optimized online platform. Meowcart, offering Shopify development and UX/UI design, rose to the challenge.

Hoang Hai Mobile’s Expectation

Hoang Hai Mobile had some tough hurdles to overcome. First off, they didn't have a website, making it hard to connect with customers online. They also needed a website that worked smoothly on desktops, tablets, and phones, so it's easy for people to use. On top of that, they wanted their products to be organized in a way that makes sense to their customers, especially those from Vietnam living in Japan. These were not easy tasks, and it's where Meowcart's expertise came into play, helping them navigate through these challenges and come out successful.

Solutions Provided by Meowcart

Intuitive Filtering System:

Meowcart led the charge in proposing and implementing an intuitive filtering system to meet Hoang Hai Mobile's need for a user-friendly product navigation experience.  Meowcart ensured that every facet of this system, from product lines and colors to capacity and price ranges, aligns with user expectations. Our commitment to user-centric design is exemplified in this solution, showcasing our dedication to understanding and addressing our clients' unique challenges.

Hoang Hai Mobile Optimize experience with Intuitive Filtering SystemOptimize experience with Intuitive Filtering System

Category Redistribution:

In optimizing Hoang Hai Mobile's online product categorization, Meowcart proposed a strategic redistribution aligned with Vietnamese consumers in Japan. This meticulous adjustment, differentiating between new and used products and creating distinct sections for Apple and other product lines, enhances the overall user experience. Meowcart's market-savvy approach and product lines deep understanding underscore our commitment to tailoring digital solutions that align with specific market needs.

A strategic category redistribution of Hoang Hai Mobile website

A strategic category redistribution 

Automated Pages for Used Goods and Purchasing:

A testament to Meowcart's innovative approach, we not only addressed Hoang Hai Mobile's immediate needs but also anticipated future requirements. When Hoang Hai Mobile expressed the necessity for dedicated pages for "Used Goods" and "Purchasing", Meowcart proposed groundbreaking solutions. Leveraging our expertise in custom development, we introduced an automated synchronization feature with Google Sheets. This revolutionary approach enables Hoang Hai Mobile to update information seamlessly without manual intervention on the Shopify platform. Meowcart's ability to envision and implement such bespoke features positions us as a strategic partner, not just a service provider.

Purchasing Page of Hoang Hai Mobile with a wide range of product linesPurchasing Page with a wide range of product lines

The Impact Of Tailored Solutions:

With the new website, Hoang Hai Mobile experienced heightened user engagement and satisfaction. The user-friendly features, intuitive design, and cost-saving custom solutions have truly elevated Hoang Hai’s online presence and positions Hoang Hai Mobile for long-term success. The triumphant transformation of Hoang Hai Mobile's digital presence is a testament to the synergy between Meowcart's Shopify development expertise and the strategic vision of our clients. 


Going beyond conventional website development, we specialize in sculpting digital experiences that align seamlessly with brand objectives, making a unique impact in the world of online shopping. Hoang Hai Mobile's success story isn't merely a case study; it's a compelling illustration of the powerful outcomes achievable when innovation, collaboration, and expertise converge in the digital realm. As a premier Shopify Plus agency, Meowcart continues to shape and elevate digital landscapes with each remarkable achievement.

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