Marou Chocolate

The combination of aesthetic and technology: the success story of Marou Chocolate

I. The beginning of the transformation

Marou Chocolate, a symbol of sophistication and quality in the chocolate industry, has long been known for its exquisitely designed and handcrafted products. Founded in Vietnam, Marou has expanded its market globally, especially in Europe, where appreciation for quality and design is key.

In the midst of its journey to expand globally, Marou Chocolate has sought out many website design and construction units in Vietnam to find a suitable solution, and Meowcart Ecommerce is also one of them. With profound expertise and a refined design specifically for Marou, Meowcart has officially become a partner accompanying Marou on the journey to create a completely new e-commerce website for the European market. This project focused on developing an aesthetically pleasing website that clearly reflects Marou's unique style, while integrating advanced features to manage a diverse product portfolio.

II. Needs and challenges

Marou Chocolate did not simply want an e-commerce website, but they wanted the website to be a work of art, reflecting the vision and class of the brand:

Highly aesthetic design

Marou Chocolate is famous for its exquisite product design and attention to detail. They expect the new website to be not just a sales platform, but also a digital art gallery space, where every page, every item, even every button, must reflect style and spirit. of the brand.

The new website needed to be superior to Marou's current website in Vietnam in terms of design and user experience, while still retaining the core elements of the brand.

Vietnamese website:

Diverse features

Marou has a diverse range of products, from plain chocolates to elaborate gift boxes. The new website needs to be able to clearly manage and present these products, ensuring users can easily search and choose to buy.

A special requirement is the display of price information for different product packages (1, 3, 5 products), which not only requires a smart interface but also requires tight integration with the system. Price and warehouse management system.

Based on Marou's wishes, Meowcart has designed a detailed set of requirements during the website development process to provide a suitable solution and fully meet these expectations.

Uniformity in every detail

Not only do main pages such as homepage or product page need meticulousness, but even small components such as pop-ups and site cards also need to be designed carefully. This required Meowcart to have a deep understanding of Marou's aesthetic and brand identity, and to seamlessly combine art and technique.

Maintaining brand guidelines while still creating design breakthroughs is not an easy task. Meowcart must ensure that every element on the website, from colors to fonts, is consistent and reflects the Marou spirit.

Optimized across a variety of screens

With the variety of devices available today, designing a website that works on all types of screens is a big challenge. Meowcart must make sure that from laptop screens to old phone screens, every user can fully experience the website.

This requires a premium responsive web design strategy, where every element on the website must automatically adjust to fit the size and resolution of every device.

Display detailed product information

Marou products contain many detailed information such as 1, 3, 5 product packages, allergen information (illustrated with icons), and a full description of the ingredients. Presenting all this information in a clear and understandable way is a big challenge, requiring creativity and professional information organization skills on Meowcart's part.


III. Meowcart's solution

Meowcart Ecommerce has come up with a series of creative and technical solutions to meet Marou Chocolate's needs:

Web development process

1. Needs analysis and initial design

First, Meowcart took the time to research Marou Chocolate in-depth - from the brand's history to its current products and customer expectations. This helps determine the required design style and create a framework for the website.

Meowcart planned every step in detail, from design to implementation, ensuring every element from interface to functionality was carefully considered.

2. Flexible technology selection and integration

Of course, Shopify is the main platform for the website, because of its flexibility and high customization. To handle complex requirements like displaying product information and managing product bundles, Meowcart has integrated plugins and customization tools on Shopify.

In addition, Meowcart also advises and supports Marou on advanced features (Not supported by Shopify Default) through research and clear analysis of needs to propose a compatible Shopify App.


Design and features

1. Creative and unique design

Meowcart has created a unique user interface design that reflects the true spirit of Marou Chocolate. Every element on the website, from images to layout, is designed to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing experience.

All pages, from the homepage to the product pages, are designed to be highly consistent, ensuring a seamless and easy user experience.

  • The homepage is delicately designed with a sliding bar to create a highlight
  • “Top picks by Marou” is designed with a streamlined, luxurious layout with CTAs located on one screen to help users easily manipulate and grasp all the information.
  • “Site card” is designed in sync with the main pages and displays information clearly. The “spend $$$ more for FREE shipping” bar creates a highlight to help customers more easily control their orders   

Marou Chocolate web design

Marou Chocolate web design

Marou Chocolate web design

2. Integrate complex features

To address the requirement of product bundle display, Meowcart has developed a smart system where users can easily select the product quantity and see the corresponding sale price.

Marou Chocolate web design

Meowcart has used specifically designed icons to clearly present allergy and ingredient information, helping customers easily understand and choose products. To do this, Meowcart has created separate metafields for each item and added allergy icons for each product in great detail.

In addition, Meowcart also chose to create a dropdown for detailed components in the product to optimize the area of the page but still show all the information customers need. To get a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interface for the ingredients table, the Meowcart team had to use html and add information for each product, not simply entering a basic description.

Marou Chocolate web design

Allergen-causing ingredients are represented by a specifically designed set of icons accompanied by product information dropdowns

In addition, the Meowcart team also helped Marou Chocolate meticulously optimize Onpage SEO and website speed to be able to bring a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and operates as smoothly as it does now. This optimization is expected to be one of the factors that significantly impacts the website's conversion rate in the future.

3. Ensure compatibility across devices

Meowcart has applied responsive web design techniques to ensure that the website operates smoothly on all types of devices, from large screens to mobile phones.

The development team conducted a series of tests on different devices to ensure that every element from images to functions displays accurately and smoothly.


IV. The journey to bring Vietnamese chocolate to the world begins

The new website,, has been launched with a sophisticated and classy design, reflecting the true spirit and style of Marou Chocolate.

The partnership between Marou Chocolate and Meowcart Ecommerce has resulted in an e-commerce website that is not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also technically and functionally robust. Although features are important, website design cannot be overlooked because it is the face of the brand when customers shop online. A website with a unique interface will definitely leave an impression on customers' minds more easily than websites with similar designs.

This project was not only a huge success for both Meowcart and Marou, but also a testament to the importance of balancing aesthetics and functionality in an e-commerce website. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, creating a difference will certainly be a huge competitive advantage for the brand.


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