Empowering Beauty: Sulwhasoo Vietnam's Digital Triumph with Meowcart


In the vibrant realm of beauty, where the delicate balance of nature meets skincare, Sulwhasoo, a well-known brand under Amore Pacific, embarked on a digital journey to connect with Vietnamese consumers. Sulwhasoo's philosophy, rooted in holistic skincare, mirrors a commitment to harmony and balance with natural ingredients. With a vision to respect women's skincare, Sulwhasoo sought a digital partner that could translate this ethos into a seamless online experience for its Vietnamese audience.

Choosing Shopify for Seamless Harmony:

Facing the challenge of not having a dedicated website in Vietnam, Sulwhasoo recognized the need for a local digital presence. Turning to Meowcart, Sulwhasoo made a strategic decision to launch its Vietnamese website on Shopify. The choice was driven by the desire for a platform that aligned with Sulwhasoo's values and offered a seamless entry into the Vietnamese market. The decision marked the beginning of a collaboration that transcended the conventional client-agency relationship.

Crafting a Harmonious Entry

The challenge was clear - to craft a beautiful user interface, ensure full functionality for users, and establish a flawless checkout process, all while upholding Sulwhasoo's values. Understanding Sulwhasoo's holistic skincare philosophy, Meowcart carefully designed an online experience that reflects the brand's commitment to skincare harmony. This harmonious entry into the Vietnamese market required not just technical proficiency but a deep understanding of Sulwhasoo's values and the nuances of the Vietnamese consumer landscape.

Innovative Journey with Personalized Choices and Skin Quiz

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of Sulwhasoo's promotions, such as  "Register To Get Samples" or "Buy A Get B," Meowcart embarked on a meticulous and comprehensive technical exploration. This deep dive aimed to seamlessly integrate these dynamic campaigns into the Shopify platform, aligning each with Sulwhasoo's intricate inventory and sales flow.

The variety types of Sulwhasoo's promotions

The variety types of Sulwhasoo's promotions 

Delving into the "Register To Get Samples" program, Meowcart introduced a groundbreaking feature that elevated the customer experience. This innovative addition empowered customers with the freedom to choose between store pickup or direct delivery for their free samples. Additionally, the solution allowed customers to specify the store where they desired to experience Sulwhasoo’s treatment, showcasing a level of flexibility that perfectly resonated with Sulwhasoo's customer-centric philosophy.

Register to experience Sulwhasoo’s treatmentRegister to experience Sulwhasoo’s treatment

A pivotal proposition in this journey was the introduction of the revolutionary "Skin Quiz" feature. Functioning as an intelligent and personalized skincare companion, this tool became the cornerstone of Sulwhasoo's digital strategy. The "Skin Quiz" not only engaged customers but played a pivotal role in assisting them in selecting products tailored to their unique skin types. This thoughtful innovation seamlessly aligned with Sulwhasoo's unwavering commitment to offering a personalized and enriching skincare experience, marking a significant milestone in the brand's digital evolution.

"Skin Quiz" feature

"Skin Quiz" feature 

Meowcart's End-to-End Collaboration

Meowcart played a pioneering role in Sulwhasoo Vietnam's digital journey, overseeing the entire development process, from the initial design concepts to the polished, market-ready launch of Sulwhasoo's Vietnamese website. The result was not just a digital storefront but a harmonious online space that mirrored Sulwhasoo's values and connected with Vietnamese consumers on a deeper level.

This collaborative success extended beyond the launch. Post-launch, Sulwhasoo formed its in-house team to manage the ongoing operations of the website. While Meowcart's extensive support was no longer a necessity, the foundation laid by our collaboration empowered Sulwhasoo's team to navigate their digital journey with confidence. 


The story of Sulwhasoo Vietnam's digital triumph with Meowcart is more than a case study; it's a narrative of collaboration, growth, and empowerment. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce, Meowcart's mission is exemplified in milestones like these – where brands discover their digital identity and commerce capabilities. Sulwhasoo's journey is not just a beauty brand's success; it's a testament to the synergy created when expertise meets a shared vision. As Sulwhasoo continues its mission to honor women's skincare, Meowcart takes pride in being part of this transformative narrative.

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