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What is Shopify Plus? The #1 e-commerce platform for Enterprise customers

If you're learning about Shopify Plus, we predict you'll fall into one of three categories: You are having difficulty with your current website platform and want to switch to a better platform You are using the regular Shopify plan (Advanced)...

If you're learning about Shopify Plus, we predict you'll fall into one of three categories:

  • You are having difficulty with your current website platform and want to switch to a better platform
  • You are using the regular Shopify plan (Advanced) and want to upgrade to the Shopify Plus plan and want to learn more about Plus's features
  • You are starting a brand new business but want to grow fast with a more powerful tool

What is Shopify Plus?

In short, Shopify Plus is an e-commerce website platform for enterprise customers who have annual revenue (GMV) of $1M or more and want to grow even faster.

However, according to Meowcart's 8-year experience in implementing Shopify projects, Plus will be best suited for brands with a volume from $5M+.

Shopify Plus is built with powerful proprietary tools to help businesses grow quickly and efficiently.

Some global brands are using Shopify Plus such as Allbirds, Gymshark, Kylie Cosmetics, Redbull, Fashion Nova, Fenty Beauty,...

In Vietnam, Shopify is used by leading brands such as SONY, Supersports, Crocs, Sulwhasoo, Havaianas, Triumph, Swee Lee, MyKingdom,...;

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

Years ago, Shopify didn't officially announce Plus's usage fee and this was a secret.

However, as of 2022, the officially announced price of Shopify Plus is from $2,000/month. This is the minimum number and is non-negotiable.

This is only the monthly Plus subscription cost, you need to pay additional costs for 3rd party applications as well as the cost of developing a website on the Shopify Plus platform.

Reference: How much does Shopify Plus implementation cost?

Surely you are wondering why the cost is so high (or if you move from Magento, this number is too normal), the answer lies in the special features of Shopify Plus below.

Shopify Plus Features

If we have to summarize the best of Shopify Plus into 3 things, they are:

  • Drive more revenue at Checkout with conversion and promotion optimization tools
  • Easy operation by a tool that automates everyday tasks
  • Easily scale up and expand globally with Store Expansion and B2B sales

However, Meowcart will list all the features of Shopify Plus to give you the best overview.

Customize Checkout

The checkout page (Checkout) is the pride and hallmark of Shopify. As a Shopify customer, you cannot change or customize anything on this Checkout page. Unless you use Shopify Plus.

Shopify checkout

Image: Allbirds checkout page using Shopify

No matter how much traffic you get, your revenue depends on how many conversions and order completions you get, and of course, the Checkout page is the last place in the customer journey that you can optimize.

1. Can edit all the Checkout page functions

With Shopify Plus, you can have full access to:

  • Change and customize the Checkout page according to your brand identity
  • Add code snippets for tracking and conversion purposes

 2. Shopify Scripts

It can be said that Scripts is a powerful tool of Plus to bring a higher conversion rate and increase AOV per order.

Scripts allow you to create unique code snippets on the Checkout page to create promotions and change shipping fees or payment gateway orders according to your wishes. A few examples of scripts, but you can be as creative as you want.

Custom Pricing:

  • Y% discount on specified special product
  • Discount when buying quantity X or more
  • Discount X% when buying products A and B
  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • Discount when buying orders of value xx or more
  • Discount or freeship for VIP customers

Custom Shipping:

  • Customize shipping fee for products A
  • Special shipping fee for customers with addresses at...
  • Hide shipping fees/change the order of shipping methods
  • Free shipping for customers with tag "xyz"

Custom Payment:

  • Hide other payment methods, and show only the most popular payment method in the country the customer is buying from
  • Hide installment payment method for orders under xx
  • There is a plan to buy first and pay later for orders with a value above xx
  • Change the priority order of payment methods

The picture is a Script with the content Hide OnePay - Installment payment method for orders with a total value of less than 3 million VND.

3. Checkout App Extensions

Since the end of 2022, Shopify has released Checkout App Extensions, which is a list of 3rd party applications that allow customizing the Checkout page more powerful than ever. Of course, this also only applies to Shopify Plus customers.

You can refer to the Checkout App Extensions list.

Some popular tools you can add to your Checkout page:

  • A/B Testing promotional methods
  • Upsell
  • Countdown Timer
  • Reviews
  • Free gifts
  • BOGO
  • Tiers Pricing (discount when reaching threshold)
  • SMS Marketing
  • Livechat

Shopify Flow

Before 2022, Flow was a feature only for Plus customers, but now customers using lower plans like Advanced can already enable this feature.

Flow enables the creation of a wide range of automation capabilities to cut down time on repetitive tasks from everyday tasks. Instead of having to spend hours every day on manual tasks, Flow completely saves you time and resources.

Shopify Flow
Image: Shopify Flow interface allows connection with many 3rd party applications

You can set up several automated flows such as:

  • Notify when a product is almost out of stock
  • Cancel orders for orders that are labeled as high risk or fraud risk
  • Segment customers by amount spent
  • Tag your order with a special product in the cart
  • Automatically add products to collections by product name
  • Send notification of accumulated points to loyalty customers
  • Send thank you emails to customers who have ordered

And the only limit of Flow is your imagination for the possible scenarios in running a website with Shopify Plus.

Launchpad - Flash sale automation

Shopify Plus's Launchpad allows you to set up automated marketing campaigns such as flash sales. Many large Plus businesses are running weekly or monthly product launches and flash sales regularly.

Shopify Launchpad

Have you ever stayed up until midnight just to turn on the flash sale for an event, and had to turn off the flash sale when it ended?

Want to change the look for a special occasion like Black Friday and want the display to go back to the way it was when the program ends?

Everything can be automated with Launchpad. Launchpad allows you to schedule product launches, change prices, adjust inventory, and even customize themes before special events. With Launchpad, you can:

  • Schedule an appointment to launch a new product/collection
  • Apply a discount on a product/collection for a certain period
  • Schedule a theme to publish for a special campaign
  • Everything is back to the way it was after the show ended

Expansion Store

You have successfully built a brand in one market and want to quickly replicate the model to other markets/countries?

Shopify Plus's Expansion feature is especially suitable for:

  • Businesses selling in many different markets
  • The business owns many different brands and wants to build a website for each brand
Shopify Plus expansion store

Source: Shopi Shopa

This feature allows you to clone your store with themes, data, products, apps in seconds.

For example, you had a store using Shopify Plus for the US market that took 3 months to build successfully. You want to clone a similar website for the European market.

The Expansion Store lets you do it in no time, with up to 9 stores on the same Shopify Plus account.

This is especially suitable for businesses that own many different brands and want to have a separate website for each brand.

Most importantly, you can manage all of these stores on the same interface, in a single place, and easily switch to another store with one click.

Shopify Markets


Combined with Markets, a new Shopify feature allows you to choose the country/market you want to sell your products to, with easy language, currency, and domain customization for each market.

With Markets, you can:

  • Change language/currency for different markets
  • Set different shipping fees for each market
  • Prices vary by market
  • Tax rate settings vary by market
  • Payment methods vary by market


Powerful processing speed

Shopify Plus Checkout

Source: Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus provides powerful processing speed for not only the website but also the Checkout page.

Reportedly, Shopify Plus's Checkout page has a much faster processing speed than usual, helping to increase conversion rates.

Imagine you are running ads and have a sudden spike in traffic on special occasions like Black Friday or Lunar New Year, suddenly your website is blocked or crashed, what will happen?

Shopify Plus can handle huge volumes of traffic while keeping the same speed and customer experience and can process over 10,000 orders per minute.

API query frequency limit

For large-scale customers, there will often be a need to connect APIs with 3rd party platforms related to CRM, ERP, CDP, WMS, ... or self-developed internal software.

With regular Shopify plans, speed and API access often have a certain limit on the number of requests per second.

With Plus, the number of requests allowed is twice that of regular packages, allowing query speed and data to be synchronized quickly in real-time.

Shopify Plus Merchant Success 

Merchant Success is a team that is trained to help Plus customers and is available 24/7.

New Shopify Plus customers can also work with Shopify Launch Engineers to have them support your technology needs and assist with the transition from another e-commerce platform to Shopify Plus.

Is Shopify Plus right for you?

Given the high cost, businesses with a revenue (GMV) of $1M or more are recommended to use the Shopify Plus plan.

Reference: Shopify Plus vs Magento: Which platform is for businesses in 2023?

This premium service package is not only meaningful in terms of business growth but also a good choice for you to optimize costs for other services.

The features that come with the premium plan are somewhat pricey because they help you scale quickly while generating better ROI.

If you have a $1M GMV and decide to start with Plus, Plus features can help you increase your GMV by 10-15% in the short term by optimizing CR and AOV conversion rates.

Shopify Plus will be your optimal choice if:

  • Your business has an annual GMV of $1M+
  • The current website platform is unstable and lacks powerful features for you to scale up
  • You are planning to grow rapidly and develop rapidly in many different markets
  • You are willing to pay monthly costs from $2000


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