Is Shopify Plus the right solution for you?

#Ecommerce April 24, 2024
Shopify Plus có phải là giải pháp dành cho bạn? Shopify Plus có phải là giải pháp dành cho bạn?

Shopify Plus is an eCommerce platform designed for enterprises, equipped with powerful features to help businesses grow quickly and efficiently. If you're wondering whether Shopify Plus is the right solution for your business, let's evaluate it based on the following criteria:

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1. Current Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Shopify Plus is most suitable for brands with an annual GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of $1,000,000 or more.

If your GMV is significantly lower, consider other factors mentioned below.

2. Current Platform Issues

If your current platform (e.g., Magento, WooCommerce) frequently encounters issues like errors, website crashes with high traffic, or is costly to maintain, Shopify Plus may be a better fit.

Your current platform might have served you well initially, but it may now be limiting your growth.

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3. API Integration Needs

If your business relies on third-party softwares connected via API, Shopify Plus offers robust API support for efficient synchronization and operations.

Third-party softwares such as:

  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite, SAP, Odoo, Acumatica, etc.
  • CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.
  • OMS: Anchanto, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Custom in-house systems

4. Operational Staff Size

With Shopify normal packages, only a maximum of 15 employees have access to the admin (Advanced Shopify).

If you have more than 15 operational staff members (Sales admin, Customer Support, Fulfillment, Marketing, Accountant, etc.), Shopify Plus, with unlimited staff access, becomes essential.

5. Customizable Checkout

Shopify Plus allows customization of the checkout page, incorporating brand identity, additional scripts for payment and shipping, and promotional programs to improve conversion rates.

One Page Checkout is a feature that consolidates all payment steps into one page for maximizing conversion.

6. Promotional Programs

Building complex promotional programs can be challenging with open-source platforms. Shopify Plus supports various promotions like BOGO, Buy X Get Y, Threshold, Free shipping, Free gifts, and Mix & Match, etc.

    You can easily build complex and tailored promotions for specific customer segments as well as handle promotion logic that is difficult to handle with other platforms.

    7. Website Traffic

    If your website experiences high traffic, especially during promotions, Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth and can handle an unlimited number of visitors. For instance, it can process over 10,000 orders per minute.

    8. Project Budget

    Utilizing Shopify Plus requires a substantial and serious investment:

    • Monthly cost: $4000
    • Development cost: $20,000 - $150,000

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    If you answered "YES" to at least 4 out of 8 points above, Shopify Plus could be the solution you're seeking. 

    While it may be a significant investment for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), its effectiveness in facilitating growth can be substantial.

    For larger enterprises, Shopify Plus is considered a standard solution, offering significant benefits for expansion.

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